Monster High Dolls List By Doll Name

Each of these links will take you to a list of each Monster High doll with all the different versions that have been released to date for that doll.

Monster High Dolls

Abbey Bominable - Daughter of the Yedi

C A Cupid - Daughter of Eros the Greek Love God

Catrine Demew - Werecat From Scaris City of Frights

Catty Noir - Daughter of Werecats

Clawd Wolf - Son of the Werewolf

Clawdeen Wolf - Daughter of the Werewolf

Clawdia Wolf - Daughter of the Werewolf

Cleo De Nile - Daughter of the Mummy

Deuce Gorgon - Son of Medusa

Draculaura - Daughter of Count Dracula

Elissabat - Childhood Friend of Draculaura

Frankie Stein - Daughter of Frankensteins Monster

Ghoulia Yelps - Daughter of the Zombie

Gigi Grant - Daughter of a Genie

Gil Webber - Son of the River Monster

Gilda Goldstag - Daughter of the Golden Hind

Headmistress Bloodgood and Her Nightmare Horse

Heath Burns - Cousin of Jackson Jekyll / Holt Hyde

Holt Hyde - Son of Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde

Honey Swamp - Daughter of the Honey Island Swamp Monster

Hoodude Voodoo - Frankie Steins Doll

Howleen Wolf - Little Sister of Clawdeen Wolf

Invisi Billy - Son of the Invisible Man

Jackson Jekyll - Son of Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde

Jinafire Long - Daughter of a Dragon

Lagoona Blue - Daughter of the Sea Monster

Nefera de Nile - Sister of Cleo de Nile

Operetta - Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera

Robecca Steam - Daughter of a Mad Scientist

Rochelle Goyle - Daughter of the Gargoyles

Scarah Screams - Daughter of the Banshee

Skelita Calaveras - Daughter of Los Eskeletos

Slo Mo Mortavitch - Son of the Zombies

Spectra Vondergeist - Daughter of the Ghosts

Toralei Stripe - Daughter of a Werecat

Twyla - Daughter of the Boogey Man

Venus McFlyTrap - Daughter of the Plant Monster

Viperine Gorgon - Daughter of Stheno

Meolody and Purrsephone - Werecat Twins




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